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Priorities & Initiatives

The Shoals Chamber has long been a leader in innovation and implementation of programs that make a positive difference in The Shoals. Through an effective agenda-setting process, coupled with determination to make good things happen, the Chamber has earned the role of the voice of business along with a reputation for strategic thinking and leadership.

Priorities & Initiatives

women in businessChamber Women in Business is a proud initiative of the Shoals Chamber of Commerce. Created in 2017, the program's purpose is to create a network of support for women-owned business and young female professionals in the Shoals area of Alabama. Our vision is to NETWORK, MENTOR, SUPPORT, and EDUCATE the women of the Shoals.

The Shoals Chamber of Commerce hosts Women in Business events semi-annually to encourage one another, exchange business cards, support our local businesses, experience educational programming and, of course, network. The Chamber invites you to connect with our Women in Business initiative and join us for our future gatherings!



Alyssa Crow, Director of Events & Engagement

E:      P: (256) 764-4661

shoals ambassadors graphic

A Shoals Chamber Ambassador plays a crucial role in connecting businesses and fostering a sense of unity and support. They are essentially a liaison and promoter for the Shoals regional business community.

What the Shoals Chamber of Commerce will do for you: 

  • PROMOTE you and your Company in our bi-monthly newsletter as a “Spotlight” (once per year)
  • SHARE your contact information with all Ribbon Cutting businesses.
  • REWARD your activity with a quarterly luncheon.
  • AWARD top Ambassador at the Shoals Chamber’s Annual Award Ceremony

 What you will do for the Shoals Chamber:

  •  SUPPORT monthly events
  • RECRUIT new members
  • PROMOTE the Shoals Chamber and its members on designated social media platforms.


Rebecca Moon, Director of Membership

E:   P: (256) 764-4661

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Minority Business councilThe Minority Business Council has been initiated by our Board of Directors’ DEI Committee. It is made up of diverse individuals from all areas of business with no requirement of Shoals Chamber Membership.

Mission Statement

Helping Minority Business Owners navigate and thrive in our local business landscape by:

  1. Identifying and removing barriers to funding sources
  2. Fostering genuine relationships and enhancing networks
  3. Providing access to education and resources

A Minority Business is at least 51% owned by one or more minority individuals, including but not limited to, African American, Asian, Hispanic, Latino, LGBTQ+, Native American, Pacific Islander, Veteran and Women.

Contact Rebecca Moon, Director of Membership

E:     P: 256.764.4661

The Minority Business Council is sponsored by:

     helen keller hospital     

Education & Workforce

Shoals WORKSShoals Workforce Resources is a web site that will guide users to find Business Resources.  The site will guide Job Seekers to job openings. You can find Career and Education training, and many more resources and data.

Visit Site


Stephanie Newland, Vice-President of Workforce Initiatives

E:     P: 256.764.4661

The Classroom 2 Careers (C2C) brings educators and businesses together in small group discussions and industry tours to help educators see for themselves and better understand how their academic subjects relate to and are used in real jobs within the community. 

Educators who are interested in this program - Registration will open in 2024 

Lesson plans from past participants can be found HERE

Stephanie Newland, Vice President of Workforce Initiatives
e: p: 256-764-4661

shoals chamber of commerce logoThe Shoals Chamber of Commerce Member Job Board  HERE

You must be a member to post a job - instructions HERE

Stephanie Newland, Vice President Workforce Initiatives
e: p: 256-764-4661

Applications for Leadership Shoals Class 35 are now Open! 

Leadership Shoals was created to engage established leaders across The Shoals in conversation that promotes pro-business decision-making, collaboration across industries, and mutual understanding of problems and priorities facing our community.
Leadership Shoals Class 35 will host individuals from Shoals Chamber Member businesses. This program is open to all established leaders in The Shoals as defined by the application guidelines. The application deadline is June 9th, 2024.
Apply for Leadership Shoals here:

leadership logo

your money your life logo A program of the Alabama 4-H Consumer Science Project  & the Alabama Extension Service, partnered by the Shoals Chamber of Commerce. Your Money, your Life is a fun money management program for grades 7-12. It is a simulation of life at age 25. Each participant chooses a career that interests them.  They're given an average salary for the career, a level of education and a family situation. They visit the various real-life stations monitored by volunteers and learn what it takes to make it financially.

The Experience

  • A hands-on, real-life simulation that gives youth the opportunity to glance into the future
    in a fun and exciting way.
  • An understanding of gross and net pay.
  • The experience of paying monthly living expenses. 
  • The practice of writing a check and use of an account ledger
  • An opportunity to comparison shop to stay within a budget

4H logoStations

  • Automotive - purchase a vehicle or choose alternate transportation
    like a bus pass.
  • Reality - Select housing arrangements
  • Clothing - Purchase at least one item from the clothing booth
  • Super Mart - Groceries and personal items are a mandatory purchase
  • That's Life - Random life occurrences.  Participants draw a card and either make a payment or have unexpected income.
  • Utilities - Electricity, gas, water and a phone are required.  Cable TV and internet are optional expenses.
  • Insurance - Health insurance is a required expense.  Life, dental and renter's insurance are optional. 
    Car insurance is included with the car purchase.
  • Just for Fun - Work/life balance is important.  Everyone must purchase one form of entertainment.
  • Jobs - Sometimes there is "more month than money".  If someone is in need of a part-time job,
    they can get it here
  • Daycare - Working participants with children must pay for daycare.
  • Bank - Put money into a savings account, mutual fund, 401k, or CD and pay a student loan.
  • Helping Hands Volunteer - Participants have the option of donating any amount of money
    they choose to a charitable organization.
  • Contact:
    Stephanie Newland, Vice President of Workforce Initiatives
    e:     p: 256-764-4661

kids at reality check

Business Advocacy

small group us capitol


Education & Workforce Development

  • We support Project 208, which would include a minimum increase of 10 million dollars to the University of North Alabama's base appropriation.
  • We support improved funding and support for Northwest-Shoals Community College.
  • We support continued state funding for the AlabamaWorks system of regional workforce councils, including increased funding for competitive community grants.
  • We support funding mechanisms that are sustainable regardless of economic conditions.
  • We support expanded access to high-quality Pre-K programs across the state.
  • We support state funding for workforce-focused scholarship programs.
  • We support legislation to creating workforce development opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals.

Economic Development

  • We support bills that simplify state regulations affecting small businesses and reduce the regulatory burden on businesses.
  • We support existing economic development agencies, including but not limited to the Shoals Economic Development Authority, the Northwest Alabama Council of Local Governments, and Shoals Chamber of Commerce and their unified efforts to positively impact the economy, job market and quality of life of the Shoals region.
  • We support bills to update regulation regarding breweries to reflect the modern business environment.


  • We support maintaining the state’s funding mechanisms for local infrastructure improvements.
  • We support public-private partnerships including both state and local entities to improve broadband access.
  • We support the exploring the development of a limited access highway connecting the Shoals to the Huntsville/Madison market.
  • We support the reutilization of the former Colbert Steam Plant site and adjacent port.
  • We support state funding for public transportation as a means of increasing workforce participation.

Employment & Labor

  • We support legislation to eliminate the suspension of a worker’s driver license or driving privilege in certain circumstances related to minor traffic offenses.
  • We support policies that preserve Alabama's status as a "right to work" and "employment at will" state.
  • We support tort reform legislation to protect employers from frivolous lawsuits through modifications to existing law.


  • We support a tax code that taxes all businesses fairly without placing undue burden on particular industries or types of businesses.
  • We support legislation to provide for a Research and Development tax credit parallel to the federal R&D credit, with an extra incentive if a qualified research institution performs the work.
  • We support expansion of the Growing Alabama Tax Credit to allow for more than $20 million to be utilized annually for economic development projects in the state.

Health Care

  • We support enhanced funding for mental health services.
  • We support expanding Medicaid to cover working Alabamians who do not have access to healthcare coverage.


Education & Workforce Development

  • We support increased grant opportunities for local workforce development programs.
  • We support legislation to create pathways for legal immigration to fill workforce gaps by reforming current laws.
  • We support legislation to provide rural communities with funding to address specific workforce challenges.

Economic Development

  • We support the addition to and/or revision of Opportunity Zones with input from local economic development entities.
  • We support continued funding of the Economic Development Administration.


  • We support funding of the Essential Air Service (EAS) and Alternate EAS that reflects market conditions to provide viable commercial air service at the Northwest Alabama Regional Airport.
  • We support federal infrastructure funding to enhance Northwest Alabama Regional Airport’s capacity.
  • We support exploring the development of a limited access highway connecting the Shoals to the Huntsville/Madison market.

Employment & Labor

  • We support policies that preserve Alabama’s status as a “right to work” and “employment at will” state.
  • We oppose the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act.


  • We support a tax code that taxes all businesses fairly without placing undue burden on particular industries or types of businesses.
  • We support pro-growth tax policies in relevant tax legislation and permanency of pro-growth provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (e.g., full expensing, R&D).

Health Care

  • We support raising the Medicare Wage Index floor to improve health care access in small markets.
"Plainly put, the Shoals Chamber helps us achieve ourmission. Improving the health of the Shoals area is possible only when we have connections and work with other entities and individuals who also seek to make the entire region the absolute best it can be – including the business sector. "
David Muhlendorf"As a leader in the Business Council of Alabama, I know that our Chamber fills the critical role of being the 'voice of business' what is heard loud and clear at all levels of government to ensure we maintain a healthy business environment."

"I am a committed 40 year member of the

Chamber! The reason? Our Chamber is the lifeblood and the catalyst for a robust and vibrant business environment, which is the foundation of a vibrant and thriving community! Our Chamber’s leadership is innovative, creative, forward-thinking and responsive-always looking for ways to serve its members and the community at large more effectively!  There has never been a more exciting time to be a member of the Shoals Chamber!"

- Judge Deborah Bell Paseur

marty abroms"The Shoals Chamber of Commerce makes no apologies for fighting for the private sector, economic development and job creation.  It creates a comprehensive, focused message that is heard at all levels of government which brings positive result to our Shoals community."

"As a leader in the Shoals Chamber of

 Commerce, I wholeheartedly recognize our Chamber's pivotal role as the 'voice of business,' seamlessly linking enterprises for future collaborations. At Create Architects, our journey has been enriched with countless opportunities, each one a testament to the invaluable support provided by Chamber benefits. It's not just about success; it's about the genuine resonance of our dreams coming to fruition in the collaborative embrace of this thriving business community."

- Jill Andrews , President, Create Architects