Education & Workforce Readiness

Education & Workforce Readiness

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Choices is an interactive decision-making workshop that empowers teens to achieve academic success in pursuit of their career and life aspirations.  In two 50-minute sessions, local business and  community volunteers take students through real-world exercises on academic self-discipline, time and money  management, and goal setting. Teens  discover that they can take charge of  their lives.  Choices is typically presented at the 8th or 9th grade level, since these students are old enough to envision the future, yet young enough to develop positive skills and habits for success in high school and beyond.


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    Stephanie Newland, Vice President of Education Workforce Readiness
    e: p: 256-764-4661

Shoals Workforce Resources is a web site that will guide users to find Business Resources.  The site will guide Job Seekers to job openings. You can find Career and Education training, and many more resources and data. 
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A program of the Alabama 4-H Consumer Science Project  & the Alabama Extension Service, partnered by the Shoals Chamber of Commerce. Your Money, your Life is a fun money management program for grades 7-12. It is a simulation of life at age 25. Each participant chooses a career that interests them.  They're given an average salary for the career, a level of education and a family situation. They visit the various real-life stations monitored by volunteers and learn what it takes to make it financially.

The Experience

  • A hands-on, real-life simulation that gives youth the opportunity to glance into the future
    in a fun and exciting way.
  • An understanding of gross and net pay.
  • The experience of payin monthly living expenses. 
  • The practice of writing a check and use ofan account ledger
  • An opportunity to comparison shop to stay within a budget


  • Automotive - purchase a vehicle or choose alternate transportation
    like a bus pass.
  • Reality - Select housing arrangements
  • Clothing - Purchase at least one item from the clothing booth
  • Super Mart - Groceries and personal items are a mandatory purchase
  • That's Life - Random life occurences.  Participants draw a card and either make a payment or have unexpected income.
  • Utilities - Electricity, gas, water and a phone are required.  Cable TV and internet are optional expenses.
  • Insurance - Health insurance is a required expense.  Life, dental and renter's insurance are optional. 
    Car insurance is included with the car purchase.
  • Just for Fun - Work/life balance is important.  Everyone must purchase one form of entertainment.
  • Jobs - Sometimes there is "more month than money".  If someone is in need of a part-time job,
    they can get it here
  • Daycare - Working participants with children must pay for daycare.
  • Bank - Put money into a savings account, mutual fund, 401k, or CD and pay a student loan.
  • Helping Hands Volunteer - Participants have the option of donating any amount of money
    they choose to a charitable organization.

  • Contact:
    Stephanie Newland, Vice President of Education Workforce Readiness
    e:     p: 256-764-4661


The Workforce Readiness Institute for Educators (WRI) brings educators and businesses together in small group discussions and industry tours to help educators see for themselves and better understand how their academic subjects relate to and are used in real jobs within the community.  See full information HERE

Educators who are interested in this program may register HERE

Lesson plans from past participants can be found HERE

Stephanie Newland, Vice President of Education Workforce Readiness
e: p: 256-764-4661

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Stephanie Newland, Vice President of Education Workforce Readiness
e: p: 256-764-4661

Leadership Shoals is a program of the Shoals Chamber of Commerce that allows participants an opportunity to better understand and appreciate the Shoals community. The program has been in existence for over 30 years. Since its inception, Leadership Shoals has seen over 750 businesses and community leaders go through this program. Leadership Shoals offers numerous opportunities to broaden perspectives and gain an increased understanding of community dynamics and public issues.

Applicants must represent a current chamber member organization. The general class size is 25-30 individuals and spans nine sessions from August to May. The $895 per person cost of the program covers all meals, admissions to events, travel and lodging costs. Two overnight stays, one in September at Earle Trent Assembly and another in Montgomery in March, are part of the program. Leadership Shoals attendees will participate in a group project to help the Shoals community. Details will be agreed upon and determined within the group. Attending one city council meeting, riding with a police officer, and writing a brief summation of each are also required components of -Leadership Shoals.

Contact for more information. - 256-764-4661

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