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Shoals Workforce Resources is a web site that will guide users to find Business Resources.  The site will guide Job Seekers to job openings. You can find Career and Education training, and many more resources and data. 
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A program of the Alabama 4-H Consumer Science Project  & the Alabama Extension Service, partnered by the Shoals Chamber of Commerce. Your Money, your Life is a fun money management program for grades 7-12. It is a simulation of life at age 25. Each participant chooses a career that interests them.  They're given an average salary for the career, a level of education and a family situation. They visit the various real-life stations monitored by volunteers and learn what it takes to make it financially.

The Experience

  • A hands-on, real-life simulation that gives youth the opportunity to glance into the future
    in a fun and exciting way.
  • An understanding of gross and net pay.
  • The experience of payin monthly living expenses. 
  • The practice of writing a check and use ofan account ledger
  • An opportunity to comparison shop to stay within a budget


  • Automotive - purchase a vehicle or choose alternate transportation
    like a bus pass.
  • Reality - Select housing arrangements
  • Clothing - Purchase at least one item from the clothing booth
  • Super Mart - Groceries and personal items are a mandatory purchase
  • That's Life - Random life occurences.  Participants draw a card and either make a payment or have unexpected income.
  • Utilities - Electricity, gas, water and a phone are required.  Cable TV and internet are optional expenses.
  • Insurance - Health insurance is a required expense.  Life, dental and renter's insurance are optional. 
    Car insurance is included with the car purchase.
  • Just for Fun - Work/life balance is important.  Everyone must purchase one form of entertainment.
  • Jobs - Sometimes there is "more month than money".  If someone is in need of a part-time job,
    they can get it here
  • Daycare - Working participants with children must pay for daycare.
  • Bank - Put money into a savings account, mutual fund, 401k, or CD and pay a student loan.
  • Helping Hands Volunteer - Participants have the option of donating any amount of money
    they choose to a charitable organization.

  • Contact:
    Stephanie Newland, Vice President of Education Workforce Readiness
    e:     p: 256-764-4661


The Classroom 2 Careers (C2C) brings educators and businesses together in small group discussions and industry tours to help educators see for themselves and better understand how their academic subjects relate to and are used in real jobs within the community. 

Educators who are interested in this program - Registration wil open in 2024 

Lesson plans from past participants can be found HERE

Stephanie Newland, Vice President of Education Workforce Readiness
e: p: 256-764-4661

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Stephanie Newland, Vice President of Education Workforce Readiness
e: p: 256-764-4661

 Applications for Leadership Shoals Class 34 are now CLOSED Class is full

Designed to bolster the pool of growth-minded leaders who encourage pro-business decision making and promote collaboration across our region, Leadership Shoals has been redesigned to amplify the value for established leaders within The Shoals.

This 6 month course will consist of monthly sessions where participants will participate in leadership intensives and learn about history, culture, politics, education, and economic development in The Shoals. Additionally, participants will implement their leadership skills by mentoring a participant from the coinciding EMERGE program.



Leadership Shoals EMERGE is designed to develop tenacious young professionals in The Shoals who will continue to cultivate our entrepreneurship, business, and education-focused region. Emerge is an extension of the Leadership Shoals program that targets the next generation of professionals.

Applications are currently CLOSED    The 2024 class has been filled

EMERGE Group 2022 

For questions regarding EMERGE,
please contact Caitlin Burns  HERE  or 256-764-4661



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