We're Going Places!

After many interviews with investors, the public, government entities and others that influence where we work and live, a strategic five-year campaign was developed.


"A Call to Action"

Positive economic growth and community well-being always requires long-term strategy combined with bold approaches and the leadership to make it happen.  The 21st century economy is rich with opportunity for the North Alabama region.  The leadership of the Shoals Chamber of Commerce has chosen to capitalize on our opportunities by developing a five-year path that builds on the foundation of our existing companies, while embracing change and emerging entrepreneurial  spirit and innovation plus targeting the expanding office building, commercial and retails sectors. To this end, the Chamber is working to build a vibrant business economy..."


--Joel Anderson

Manager, Anderson & Anderson, LLC


Take a moment to read the details of our plan and see how we're shaping the Shoals!  


The Rhythm of Commerce "Turn it Up!" 5 Year Campaign

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