Ribbon Cutting Event FAQs

The Shoals Chamber offers free ribbon cutting services for our members. Ribbon cutting events can be booked for members with a new business, with new ownership of a business, relocation of an existing business, or a celebration milestone. 


When Should I Book My Event?
Dates and times vary depending on the needs of our members. Our best attended events are typically Tuesday – Thursday. We can book your event anytime during the regular business hours of 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

We book events a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance and suggest contacting the Shoals Chamber before making additional plans for your event to ensure your date is available.

Who Do I Contact to Book My Event?
Contact Chelsea Kauchick, Director of Marketing & Leadership Programs at 256-764-4661 or email ckauchick@shoalschamber.com.

What Should I Supply to the Chamber before my Ribbon Cutting?
At least one week prior to your ribbon cutting, you should supply the following information to ckauchick@shoalschamber.com:

  • Your Logo (in .jpg format)
  • A paragraph or two about your business or organization
  • 1-3 photos to include with your text (this could be your staff, displays in your store, community photos, etc.)
  • A list of speaker(s) and title(s) who will represent you at your event


How Should I Prepare for My Event?
In addition to your event being added to our calendar, we also suggest you send out individual invitations to those people who helped you get to where you are today (e.g., clients, family, friends, financial institutions, construction or design companies, business partners, etc.). We also suggest inviting local media to your event. While several media outlets are included in our email invitation, a personal invitation from you would help boost their attendance.

What Does the Shoals Chamber Offer for My Event?

  • Emcee from the Shoals Chamber
  • Ribbon
  • Large Scissors
  • Printed programs 
  • Photography
  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Business card holder of Shoals Chamber Ambassadors
  • Invitations to your event via the Shoals Chamber weekly newsletter
  • Posting of photos to social media and Shoals Chamber newsletter (following event)

Our traditional itinerary will be in place by default and is listed below. We can also adjust this to your specific needs. 

  • Welcome by the Shoals Chamber
  • Welcome by City Officials
  • Presentation of Certificate by Shoals Chamber Ambassadors
  • Presentation of Business Cards by Shoals Chamber Ambassadors
  • Remarks by Your Organization
  • Ribbon Cutting Photos


What Should I Offer on the Day of my Ribbon Cutting?
Remember this is a prime opportunity for you to showcase your business or organization! Suggestions for your event would include snacks or lunch appetizers (depending on the time of your event), discounts on certain items for that day only, a giveaway option, and promotional items to make your day memorable for your guests!

How Many People Should I Expect? 
Attendance varies for each event, but you can typically expect 30-40 people at your event. The more you promote your event in addition to our calendar invitation, the higher your attendance rate. 



To book your ribbon cutting, please contact 

Chelsea Kauchick, Director of Marketing & Leadership Programs at 256-764-4661 or email ckauchick@shoalschamber.com.

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