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Heavy Metal Ain’t Just for Head Bangers – How One Shoals Business Turns Metal into Art


Where do you go to get your heavy metal fix? Some rely on dusting off their old Metallica, Iron Maiden, or Judas Priest albums. But here in the Shoals, there’s no need to look further than the talented artists and craftsmen at Alabama Metal Art.


After the recession of 2009 folded hundreds of businesses in the United States, owners of Tri-State Metals David Smith and Chris Roberson began searching for options to diversify their business. Already providing B2B metal production for parts and machinery, Smith and Roberson delved into the consumer side of metal production … with an added creative flare.  Roberson began making custom drawings,  in the beginning these designs were cut out on a computer numerical control (CNC) plasma burning machine (these days the company uses their CNC laser machine which offers improved accuracy and the ability to cut out finer details).   Each cut design would then be prepped and fitted with the appropriate mounting hardware and then coated with a protective and decorative powder coat finish.  This idea formed the groundwork for Alabama Metal Art, a new business that transforms ordinary sheets of steel into one-of-a-kind pieces of art.


At first, sales were slow. “We were selling pieces at local vendor markets,” explained Smith. “It wasn’t the quickest way to make a return on our investment.” But through custom orders and word of mouth from customers, Smith and Roberson began to develop local clientele while sparking interest nationally through online promotions and social media.


Over the course of seven years, Alabama Metal Art has peppered the Shoals area with custom-designed art pieces. “We’ve created a lot of logos and other signage in the Shoals area,” explains Robert Miles, one of Alabama Metal Art’s designers. He was right. If you haven’t heard of Alabama Metal Art, you have certainly seen them around town. They’ve created many custom signs for local businesses and organizations, including:

  • UNA Dept. of Entertainment Industry
  • Logan’s Roadhouse (Muscle Shoals)
  • Pillar & Peacock
  • Warehouse 414
  • FreightCar America
  • One Place of the Shoals
  • Shoals Area Association of Realtors
  • Create Architects
  • ES Robbins
  • Parker Bingham Jewelers
  • Florence Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
  • Ava’s Place
  • Cardiovascular Institute of the Shoals
  • Keepers Korner @ Arx Mortis
  • Colbert County High School
  • Holmes Property Management
  • City Hardware
  • Noiseblock Studio
  • Court Street Market



Outside of the Shoals, Alabama Metal Art has shipped custom and personalized products to all of the lower 48 states as well as Canada and Australia. They have incorporated their designs into homes across the country and businesses large and small. Miles showed us some examples of that work, including a topographic map of the Los Angeles basin for a hotel in Santa Monica, California, as well as a grass reed sculpture for a hotel in Sarasota Springs, New York.

You can check out all of these custom pieces including business signs, hospitality art, farm signs, awards, metal gates, custom fireplace screens, and more from their online gallery found here:


If there’s one thing that makes Alabama Metal Art stand out, it’s... wait, scratch that. They’re in the business of standing out with each unique piece crafted from custom-designed renderings. So don’t just get your metal fix from hair bands and head bangers from the yesteryears. Embrace the new age of metal art from a Shoals business that can bend steel better than Superman. Contact Alabama Metal Art at 256-246-0001 or visit to see how you can avoid the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.


More information and examples of their work can be found at


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